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Director and master builder Colin Campbell trained as a carpenter and built his own business from the ground up, becoming a master builder and attracting clients like Addstyle. Then he was headhunted by industry Big Gun, Dale Alcock at the ABN group and joined their team. Having learnt from the success of these companies, Colin merged his experience in the big business of homes with the soul of a boutique builder, offering clients the best of both worlds – a total project management solution with the advantage of personalised attention and a bespoke project.

Camstruct isn’t your run-of-the-mill builder who turns out homes like they’re going out of fashion. Being future-minded, Camstruct remains across the most innovative developments in sustainable, eco-conscious and responsible home design. Combine this with Camstruct’s partnerships with like-minded architects, whose values align with its own, ensures high-end builds for every client.

Camstruct believes in bold but liveable designs using an honest palette of materials. Each unique project is given the individual attention it deserves, so the resulting abode truly reflects the lifestyle and personality of its owners from the earth up.

By fostering an established network of reliable tradesman and an open and approachable ethos at Camstruct, clients have found collaborating on what is an intensely personal journey – building or renovating their home – has met and exceeded all their expectations.